About Carmen Amato
Carmen AmatoMarketing and advertising is my job, they say so... not so sure...
Travelling my hell or my paradise... depends on days
Photgraphy my fun... unique certain stuff at today conditions
Human beings my everyday surprise in bad and good... my experience
All these stuffs melted together.... Is my way of seeing life.. following the sound of the eyes... my best friends
To contact me for any project/comment: carmen.ama@live.it
Favorits: Authors
  • Manuel Figueiredo
  • Joao Verissimo
  • Carlos Serejo
  • José Ð Almeida Photo+Art
  • Roberto Santorini
  • tiziana pielert
  • Lorenzo Gizzi
  • Paolo Scarano
  • Michele Rieri
Favorits: Photos
  • The Intruder
  • remembering my friends
  • Taj Mahal
  • The Nun and the Pilgrim
  • wave
  • O outro olhar
  • K K
  • Ama as tuas rosas
  • G R E T A
  • The warm light of evening
  • Mandril
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